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FriendUP Release Candidate 3

Great news! FriendUP RC3 is out on the beta servers. This way, you can get immediate access to the latest and greatest and start “grocking” on code! We’ve spent an enormous amount of time and effort to make this version as close to the 1.0 release as possible – squashing countless (well, perhaps not countless) bugs, security holes and completing features.

RC3 is a milestone, because it’s the first version that lets you build a complete Friend application hosted on your own server, but available to the other testers. Additionally, it has the best version of our applications, too, so that you can collaborate with the other testers much better than ever.

RC3 will be the last release candidate. It will receive updates every other week, until the 1.0 version is finalized. But a lot of work is left to do. We have a manual to complete (currently in draft, revision 1). We have these forums to beautify (we admit they do not look the best.. for now). We have a community application in the works. Our IDE needs a lot of love. Etc. But right now, we’re just relieved to have been able to complete RC3 on time. And we hope it is just in time for you to find it, and have some fun!

See you on RC3!

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