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Roadmap update!

By Hogne Titlestad

It is time for another update – and this time, it is concerning the open source road map. Having just successfully launched our open source version, we are already getting great responses and minor contributions. It is about time we share some of our plans for the following weeks ahead.

Friend is a huge project. We are aiming for a complete operating system in the cloud – using the internet as a computer. To achieve this, we are building the technology in steps. This first milestone, v1.0.0, was to establish the OS template for the project. Each OS has an identity – or a personality. It has a naming scheme. A way of setting function names. A file system directory structure. A philosophy. And of course, Friend is no different. People may find our OS template a little bit unusual. But this template layout has been chosen for a very good reason. And as you learn how and why, you will figure out why it is so flexible. I may post a blog post on this very issue at a later date.

This OS template includes the Friend Core serving kernel. It includes a responsive Workspace, or desktop environment. And it includes APIs to bind this Workspace to the serving kernel so that the two (or more) systems merge into one. Additionally, it includes example apps that show you how to build Friend applications. And it includes server examples. And documentation.

Now that this has been done, we need to look ahead on our road map. To be honest, this will have to be a flexible one. Because as we add further intelligent people to our project, we will accept input on where to grow, and how, and when. But for now, in the coming weeks, we will release some key technologies, applications and code deposits.

Monday, the 17th of July

We will update our Wiki on GitHub with a complete road map for the development of version 1.0.1. This is the next release of the system, and will occupy us in the time ahead.

Monday, the 17th of July

We release the Friend Network on GitHub. This is a networking technology and API for the Friend Workspace. And a server. It allows you to connect to other users, or your other devices that are logged into your user account, and remotely control (if permitted), or connect applications. It is a revolutionary way to use web applications.

Some use cases for this technology:

  • SSH like feature (login to your other Friend Workspace, or a friend’s Workspace).
  • Allows P2P networking!
  • Make or play multiplayer games with others on the network
  • Share processing power on your device with other user sessions or indeed other users
  • Make Javascript applications that use several computers at the same time to increase processing power or just do different tasks (multi-device GUIs and more!)

The Friend Network will in the weeks ahead also add support for connecting up with other Friend Cores and allow administrators to connect to big networks online. Watch this one! It’s going to be amazing! And last, but not least, easy to use!

Monday, the 31st of July

We will release Friend Chat, and the Friend Chat server. Friend Chat is an instant messaging, chat conference enabled, audio and video chat application used for collaboration, file and event sharing. It has many cool features, and has already been used by our beta testers over at (go here to sign up: Once released as open source, the application will be available for you to play with – even set up your own server. Connect with Friends. And contribute back code. This one will give Jitsi Meet, Google Hangouts and others serious competition.

Thursday, the 31st of August

We will release Treeroot – a social networking and web site engine. It is similar to Diaspora – but goes further. It integrates with Friend (you can appify it in Friend!). It has blockchain ambitions. It allows you to bridge several Treeroot nodes together to build a decentralized super-network. And it will be very familiar to users of Facebook and LinkedIn. You may have tried it using one of the apps on our FriendUP beta. The applications there are called Friend Community and Treeroot.

Treeroot will also be used to build a Friend Community where people can share and interact in an entertaining and fun way.

Other undated events

We are working on a new FriendUP website that will better reflect the open source project and showcase the technology. We are working on this right now. And it will happen sooner rather than later. But we won’t give it a date just yet.

Friend Community. It has been in beta for many months. We will announce a date for when we will start on boarding our testers, developers and users “en masse”.

Additionally, we’re working on a robust open source organization. We are getting a lot of interest from developers, and we want to harness this in the best way possible.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who have participated and have helped us come this far! You can be sure you’ll be rewarded in strong progress and great tech!

Till next time, see you in the forums, on IRC (#friendup on, on Presense and elsewhere. Have fun!

PS: Corrected June > July – sorry about that 🙂




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