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Roadmap for v1.0.1


Friend version 1.0.1 will be the first update since our initial post-alpha Github release. It is a big update that aims to ensure that Friend compiles and/or runs on a broader spectrum of computers and host operating systems.

NB1: The current estimate is that version 1.0.1 will be ready in September, 2017.

NB2: This is a living document, and may change until the end of August, 2017.

Some general milestones for v1.0.1:

  • .deb packages for Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint.
  • .rpm packages for Red Hat.
  • Package for Raspberry PI.
  • Updated documentation, rev 5. With lots of improvements based on feedback from the community.
  • Users’ guide, rev 1.
  • Administrators’ guide, rev 1.

Friend Workspace

With version 1.0.1, the Friend Workspace is getting more advanced – and closer to our goal of being truly cross browser.

Here is what we are planning for v1.0.1:

  • Remove the notice about Firefox and Safari. Fully tested and working 1:1 with Chrome/Chromium.
  • Update existing buggy themes to work properly.
  • Complete Friend icon set.
  • Dock displacing desktop icons when left aligned. Displacing window list when on bottom.
  • Languages: English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish
  • Reworked View Window code with View Groups (gather several view windows into a group and display them in one window frame).
  • Install your Friend packages into the Core (needs admin verification).
  • Install your modules into the core (needs admin verification).
  • Sysadmin messaging window (get feedback from the administrator).
  • Screen promotion and fully functional Screens preference application.
  • Language preference application fully functional.
  • Deepest field redesigned and working with network statistics, server overview and peripheral list.
  • Automatically load translations from Progdir:Locale/ when running a .jsx file.
  • Fully tested security domains.

Friend Core

Our serving kernel is the backbone of our server infrastructure.

The plan for Friend Core in version 1.0.1 is as follows:

  • Friend Core to Friend Core networking and configurability
  • Installer that works on major Linux variants (Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint).
  • Reworked debug output.
  • Documented error codes on all responses from Friend Core.

Friend DOS

Our DOS and Friend Shell allows advanced users to navigate through their Friend system. It allows for a basic level of scripting, testing and debugging.

List for 1.0.1:

  • Full support for statements if, else if, while and repeat until.
  • Improvement on file manipulation commands.
  • Documentation per shell command.
  • First experimental piping.

Friend Network

Friend’s own networking subsystem allows for interconnections between users and servers, both peer-to-peer and standard networking.

List for v1.0.1:

  • p2p networking completed
  • standard networking completed
  • Distributed server network
  • End to end encryption
  • Key management
  • Example applications
  • Full documentation

Helping Hand

This is the beginning of the AI interface for FriendUP. It replaces both the Friend search tool and the “Execute command” view window.

Here is what is planned for 1.0.1:

  • Search and finding executable commands cross integrated
  • Helping Hand can answer simple questions, f.ex. “How do I mount a Dropbox disk?”
  • Can contact a real person / sysadmin for help.

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