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FriendUP v1.2 Release Candidate is out!

After many months of development, we’re proud to release the first candidate of Friend version 1.2 — a public pre-release of the next version of the Friend Platform for both users and developers. The Friend Platform v1.2 has been completely revamped with several new features and improvements on v1.1.1 that we’re sure you will all enjoy.

Please check out the press release above, which gives you a complete changelog:

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The Friend Network is available

Friend Network is our latest addition to the Friend platform. It enables any application to connect to another -or the same- application on another Friend computer and exchange data. Up to now, programming and handling network communication has been difficult, and implied a lot of code. These times are over since today, when we have released the first version of Friend Network in V1.0.0 of the FriendUp system.

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Roadmap for v1.0.1


Friend version 1.0.1 will be the first update since our initial post-alpha Github release. It is a big update that aims to ensure that Friend compiles and/or runs on a broader spectrum of computers and host operating systems.

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Roadmap update!

By Hogne Titlestad

It is time for another update – and this time, it is concerning the open source road map. Having just successfully launched our open source version, we are already getting great responses and minor contributions. It is about time we share some of our plans for the following weeks ahead.

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Beta server updated

We updated the beta server to the latest build of version of RC3. Please clear your cache to make sure you get the latest data. The new version is faster on websockets, has a speedier Friend DOS shell and other fixes.

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Video tutorial #002 – Advanced programming

This tutorial is for more advanced programmers. It shows how to go a step further from just making changes to the HTML5 template and view window.

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Video Tutorial #001 – Intro

This is the first video tutorial. It starts out with the “Code Examples/” that you can locate in your Home: disk. Then it modifies the code and markup to slightly alter the example app found there.

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Tutorial 1 – how to write a simple app

This is the first tutorial in a series that we will post that will show you how to program your own applications in Friend. We will assume you have access to the Friend beta server and have familiarized yourself with Friend Create in order to follow this tutorial. As an option, you may read and complete the tutorial found on the Website DOS driver in the Friend Developer’s Manual and use that approach when following these tutorials.

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FriendUP Release Candidate 3

Great news! FriendUP RC3 is out on the beta servers. This way, you can get immediate access to the latest and greatest and start “grocking” on code! We’ve spent an enormous amount of time and effort to make this version as close to the 1.0 release as possible – squashing countless (well, perhaps not countless) bugs, security holes and completing features.

RC3 is a milestone, because it’s the first version that lets you build a complete Friend application hosted on your own server, but available to the other testers. Additionally, it has the best version of our applications, too, so that you can collaborate with the other testers much better than ever.

RC3 will be the last release candidate. It will receive updates every other week, until the 1.0 version is finalized. But a lot of work is left to do. We have a manual to complete (currently in draft, revision 1). We have these forums to beautify (we admit they do not look the best.. for now). We have a community application in the works. Our IDE needs a lot of love. Etc. But right now, we’re just relieved to have been able to complete RC3 on time. And we hope it is just in time for you to find it, and have some fun!

See you on RC3!