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Friend-Nexus is launched

Today, the Friend OS focused web forum Friend-Nexus is launched. This forum will be Friend’s hotspot for community related news, discussions and information. Additionally, it will be the premier site for developers, users and supporters of Friend to hang out and interact. 2020 is a big year for Friend Software Corporation. This year, we will […]

Day 3 at Devcon 3

Day 3 at Devcon3 It would seem that visitors who were less interested in lectures and programming insight, shared by the Ethereum developers directly, were elsewhere today. The huge, main conference room on the top floor was still graciously populated, but the rest of the building seemed a little bit abandoned. But perhaps for good […]

Day 2 at devcon three

Day 2 at devcon three For us, the second day at the conference was about collaboration and meeting the representatives of other blockchain based projects. Being a little less crowded than the first day, there were more opportunities to actually talk to the staff sitting at their booths. We are getting quite connected with other […]

Friend at devcon three – day one

Friend at devcon three – day one So Friend is at devcon three, the Ethereum developers’ conference in tropical Cancún, Mexico. And it’s packed. Rumor has it that it’s more than four times the size of devcon two. We were recently at a conference in Neuss, Germany, with about 550 attendees, but here, there must […]

FriendUP —a deployment platform for the Blockchain world

Friend is about to make a splash in the Blockchain space – pivoting in research and development towards a decentralised version of our technology. We posted a blog post on Medium. Follow the link to read more.

Friend Developer’s Forum released

We just published our developer’s forum. As we are have released Release Candidate 3, we are closer to the final version and ready to put our developers into phase 2. Friend is ready for developers to produce real world applications and utilities. To help make this happen, we are editing video tutorials, documentation and posts that accompany the […]

San Francisco gets reacquainted with FriendUP

The European FriendUP team visited the San Francisco Bay Area to present the platform and to work with the US team. After meeting with many well known software companies we (yet again) reaffirmed that the FriendUP technology is duly timed as the software market is moving to the cloud. Computer networks are maturing at an astounding pace, […]

Friend Community is “soft-launched” to beta testers

To help with bringing our community members closer together, we have “soft-launched” our Friend Community site and FriendUP application to our beta testers. This is part of our larger strategy of building a vibrant user and developer community where ideas and experiences are shared and where activity can be concentrated. Please login to your FriendUP […]

Event presenting the upcoming RC3 in Stavanger, Norway

Friend Software Corporation is giving a presentation and interactive demo at KåKå Katedralen in Stavanger, Norway. Here, we will be showing off the latest version of our upcoming release of the Friend Unifying Platform. Additionally, we will be presenting our vision of how Friend can help bring the cloud closer to the user. In Q1 […]