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Exciting day – UPDATED

We are working hard on getting the open source version FriendUP 1.0.0 released today. We are gonna make Friend more accessible to everyone and change the core part of the system to be released under the MIT license.

Our repo hasnt been updated for quite a while but we hope this release will make up for the waiting ­čÖé


FriendUP v1.0.0 is now released on the GitHub server! Please go there to check it out!



The developers’ forum is launched

Welcome to the Friend developers’ forum!┬áThis is the place to be if you are aspiring to become a Friend developer. You may use our beta server.┬áYou may use our SDK. You may use one of our development servers. And finally, you may use the open source┬áversion of FriendUP. In any case, our hope is that this can become your second home while you are developing your project or application.┬áThis is where all developers are channeled in to contribute and collaborate on making the best out of the system, the documentation and the promise of the Friend Unifying Platform.

We hereby declare the Forum opened! See you there.