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Ready enough?

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    I was wondering if the current FriendUp release is “ready enough” for external App developers to pour their time and effort into?
    I was thinking about integrating Bassoontracker with FriendUp ( )
    not just as a simple wrapper around the webapp, but with proper Friend Menus and acces to the Friend Filesystem etc.
    No offense but … this developer forum seems a bit deadish, so I was wondering if if was worth the effort 🙂
    I really like the FriendUp concept.
    (I don’t like the heavy backend, but as frontend developer I can just ignore that 🙂 )
    I know there are still lots of rough edges and still a lot of Core work to do, but will there be any major breaking changes to the way user-facing FriendUP Application are made that you know of already?
    In other words: If I build an app now, will it still work in the next version(s) of Friend?


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