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Some exciting news

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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick post to introduce myself, and share some very exciting news.

    I’m really pleased to announce that I am now officially working with the team at Friend!

    You may have seen the videos I’ve recorded with David and Hogne on Youtube over the last year or so.

    As well as running one of the most popular Amiga-related Youtube channels for 10 years, I also host and produce one of the biggest retro gaming and technology podcasts in the world – The Retro Hour which regularly makes it into the iTunes top 10 podcasts charts.

    Despite still being in my mid 30s I’ve actually been making digital content since around 1992! Starting with local computer group fanzines and diskmags, I’ve always been an avid follower of technology and enjoyed sharing interesting products and teaching others how to get the most out of them, whatever the medium.

    After hooking my trusty Amiga 1200 up to the Internet in 1994 I quickly fell in love with this fascinating and seemingly unlimited world that was opened up to me. I soon became ingrained in content creation and growing online communities – a skill that has served me well as the Internet has evolved over the last 2 decades.

    I soon spread my other passion of Electronic Music on-line by launching my own successful network of music websites under the “Mirrorball” brand in 1996. The site was a pioneer in electronic music blogs, on-line radio and community involvement. Described by 7 Magazine (formerly Mixmag Update) as “The type of homegrown music site that makes the web worthwhile”.

    I made the move into professional broadcasting while at University and soon began working in commercial radio and television. I’ve presented for various major market stations, nationwide digital brands and UK-wide syndicated shows on the UK’s largest commercial radio network.

    Thanks to my strong understanding of communicating information, my technical background and commercially-aware mind, I am also a digital content manager for Bauer Media, one of Europe’s largest media companies. My role includes creating brand-relevant compelling content, implementing commercial activities on-line and social media management, I currently solely manage the 4th largest UK radio brand page on Facebook.

    I also work with brands and companies to develop online and social media strategies. I’m never short of ideas!

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Amiga for most of my life, and an advocate of FriendUP since I first saw the project at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam.

    I’m delighted to be working alongside such a talented group on one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in years, just wait to see what the next few months bring – we have some BIG surprises in store!

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    Hello again Dan (we meet in Stavanger) and Welcome to the project :).



    Great 🙂 – perhaps you could help the team make a short and very clear video about what exactly F.U.P. can do for the user once it’s finished?

    I mean – people have ha hard time seeing its advantages – what to look forward to – the reason(s) everyone should care 🙂


    Hogne Titlestad

    Yes we need some kind of “mother of all demos” type of video 🙂 – Presenting the different versions – desktop, mobile and VR. Then showcasing the different apps and OS features. I just had a presentation yesterday in front of about ten people. FriendUP can do many different things for different people – being an OS and all. Each person in the room had an idea about how Friend could make a difference to them.

    A common denominator, though, was how Friend could make it easier for them to distribute files. Friend can “mount” storage disks from Google, Dropbox, SFTP (and others), and then publish for example images or pdf’s on your WordPress site. And it can all be done using Friend as a front-end. Making new front-ends is easy for developers, and so you will end up with the situation that you use Friend for all of your web work.

    But look at it this way. When you login to Friend, you’re really authenticating an account that can access all of your data, apps, services and contacts in one place. And all of these resources can be accessed with the same OS template, meaning you can automate processes, make and use apps that use your data, contact your friends etc.

    Friend is the one place where you can manage, program and access all your “internet things”.

    If you change access provider (f.ex. the beta server) and login on a different location (say your own server), then you can remap all your “internet things” and access them from there.

    This gives you a huge advantage, in that you can now start building your internet life in one place, and access that using any device with an internet connection.

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