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Welcome to the Friend Developers Forum!

The Friend Unifying Platform allows for a new way of thinking about web development. It gives the developer all the components and tools of an operating system without the limitations that normally apply. On the web, you are free of architecture constraints. No need to think about ARM vs PPC vs x86. No hassle to adapt to the client OS that runs the web-browser. Friend is an OS agnostic meta OS. And it’s ready for you!

These forums have been set up so that you can gain detailed knowledge about how to write Friend applications, services and games. It is a much needed addition to our documentation, demos and manuals. Hopefully, they will help us form the community into something that can become a vibrant and dynamic movement to finally toss aside hardware restraints that limit what we can do with software.

To the forums!

Roadmap update!

By Hogne Titlestad It is time for another update - and this time, it is concerning the open source road map. Having just successfully launched our open source version, we are already getting great responses and minor contributions. It is…
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Exciting day – UPDATED

We are working hard on getting the open source version FriendUP 1.0.0 released today. We are gonna make Friend more accessible to everyone and change the core part of the system to be released under the MIT license. Our repo…
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Beta server updated

We updated the beta server to the latest build of version of RC3. Please clear your cache to make sure you get the latest data. The new version is faster on websockets, has a speedier Friend DOS shell and other…
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